Hello, beloved! My name is Ro

I'm an intuitive mentor, artist, healer and teacher...

but most of all, I'm a multidimensional and creative soul, just like you

My greatest passion is living a life of meaning, intimacy and creativity, and helping you to do the same.

I create inspiration to help you reconnect with your Essence, do what you love and live the life of your dreams,,,

Or as I prefer to say, embody your most fulfilled and aligned state of Being and Doing! ♥

Join the SoulSHINE Experience

A place for inspiration, soul replenishment and reconnection with likehearted beings

weekly energy healings, yoga and meditation classes, inspiring livestreams, exclusive content and more! 

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Free Offerings


Weekly Inspiring Vlogs, Yoga Classes, Meditations, EFT Tapping routines


Musings of my life as an intuitive, creator and teacher ♥


 Once a week I pop in to hang out together, relax, eat some snacks and do intuitive art ~ grab something comfy and join us!

My mission is to inspire you to...

 Radiate your True Self in everything you do.

Embody self-love & confidence.

Embrace your light & shadow.

Find balance, wholeness and inspiration.

Reconnect with your sense of play, adventure and Trust.

Express your magic & transdimensionality.

Manifest a simple, free, blissful and purposeful Life.

Develop a deep connection to your Soul, nature, humanity and your place in the Universe.